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The Great Depression has turned Canada into a violent, riotous land. Farmer, Labour and Socialist groups are all looking for ways to provoke their government into responding to the crisis with more care. Join provincial clerks Holly Burnside and Brian Mah as they get caught up in the pivotal efforts to create the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), Canada's first socialist party. The author consulted with Daryl Kootenay of the Nakoda Youth Council for the Nakoda Medicine Woman healing scene in chapter 3, and with Derek Mah about Chinese political history in Alberta. James also consulted with Teresa Maile of the Calgary Queer History Project. The 1st Legion of Utopia tells a dramatic story about how a small group of Canadians successfully collaborated to shift government priorities and pave the way for a complex yet somewhat functional multi-party system. And they did it in a democratic, non-violent manner. But not without sacrifice.