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A romanzo straight from the Italian streets where the melancholy dreams of Mafiosi become nightmares.

A young hired hitman with a handsome new revolver by his side lies dying in the gray and narrow streets of Naples. His father gave him that gun for his birthday. The gun never fired a shot and now the thief that stole a life has snatched that shining weapon.

Peppino Lo Cicero spent his life taking orders from the great dons of Napoli. When his son Nino is killed he puts down the fishing rods of his retirement and picks up his old pistols, looking for revenge. Shots ring out over Peppi’s gray head once again as he searches for his son’s murderers and the beautiful black revolver he gave to Nino on the last night of his life.
The fabric of their lives has always been shot through with violence but as Peppino clings to his quest for vengeance he reconsiders that which has always been precious to him. Spare, romantic and slightly surreal, it is truly a terrible thing for a father to have to bury his son.