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Five new comic-strip stories by Ed Pinsent set in the imaginary Astorial Hotel, featuring Tamblyn the Secret Architect. 
The stories in this comic were all written in 1992. At this time I had planned to invite a number of my comic-drawing friends to contribute to this project, and wrote a story with their specific drawing style in mind. 
When drawing the five selected stories, I spent a bit more time than usual on layouts, panel construction, backgrounds, detail, and especially perspective. My hope is that I succeed roughly in creating some sort of “impossible” space, a drawing that looks reasonably convincing on the page, yet describes an interior space that could not possibly exist. 
This is all connected in my mind to the idea of the Astorial Hotel representing a house of infinite possibilities, a place where anything could happen, where there are an infinite number of rooms populated by strange guests doing inexplicable things.