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In the words of the author, 'there's a danger that culture is being replaced by content in our fast-moving times. Before the final explosive scenes of the latest apocalyptic feature have been digested, our thoughts are directed to the next multi-million dollar franchise. Over-exposure to social media reduces the lifespan of a movie to the anticipation of its release.' In this, his latest book, Babak Ganjei(Hilarious Consequences, Twit) has tried to slow down the process, breaking 80s Patrick Swayze classic Road House into a series of 185 static panels, titled sometimes with quotes from the movie itself, but also with pearls of wisdom from such disparate sources as Foucault, Foster-Wallace, Baudrillard, Muhammad Ali, Richard Pryor and Steve Martin. The resulting product is meditative, thoughtful, wry and sometimes spooky, offering a whole new angle on a hitherto underanalysed corner of cinema history.