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A miniseries that pits Batman against one of his greatest foes: Ra's al Ghul! After centuries, time has caught up with al Ghul, and only his greatest enemy can save him! Can these longtime enemies become allies? It's the ultimate story of morality and mortality when a dying Ra's al Ghul has no choice but to beg Batman for help to find a Lazarus Pit. In exchange, he offers the Dark Knight the chance of a lifetime: the ability to speak with his dead parents. But what Batman's parents have to say to him will profoundly affect both the man and the hero. From award-winning author Greg Rucka (BATWOMAN, WONDER WOMAN) and Klaus Janson (BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Daredevil), BATMAN: DEATH AND THE MAIDENS tells the gripping story of the final days of Ra's al Ghul. The thrilling miniseries is collected in BATMAN: DEATH AND THE MAIDENS #1-9.