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After the minimalist affair Twin Mirrors, Viktor Hachmang’s new publication Bestiarium picks up where 2018’s 4 Fragments left off: more fragmentary fever dreams carried out in a cranked up Technicolor palette. The bulk of this new collection is made up of improvisational shorts, conceived during two subsequent COVID19 lockdown periods in 2020. Taking loose cues from Cronenbergian creature features and medieval bestiaries in equal measure (in which no distinction is made between real-life animals and fantastical beasts), Hachmang tries to capture this “Year of the Renegade Mutation” in his signature style of cut-up comics. Isolation and anxiety, alternative realities and the dark side of technology have taken shape as modern cryptids – physical avatars of the present-day. Bestiarium pairs up two new comics (The Qilin and The Year of the Rat) with The Skeuomorph, previously published as a webcomic in 2018.


48 Pages plus foil printed jacket & obi


5 Colour Offset

(4 x Pantone + Black)

Published in 2021

Edition of 500

Includes Bestarium print 18x24cm