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One of our Gosh! Best of 2018 titles! First thing to tackle when talking about this cosmic prison-break tale is to reassure you that despite it being about the king of the Inhumans, absolutely no prior knowledge is required. This tale by award-winning fantasy author Ahmed and the visually singular Ward - the first part of a contained two volume series - requires no prior knowledge of the Inhumans or their convoluted history. It's a pure blast from start to finish, whether you're going in cold or as a Marvel veteran. Black Bolt awakens in a mysterious prison, powerless and not sure how or why he got there. Prisoners must fight to the death for position, and are repeatedly resurrected by The Jailer, their enigmatic keeper. As Black Bolt tries to plot a way out with unlikely allies, he learns the dark secrets of the prison and his connection to it. Supremely entertaining stuff for superhero fans, with Ahmed showing a real talent for writing for the comics page, all illustrated with Gosh favourite Christian Ward's typical flair for experimental storytelling and eye-popping colour.