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With one end of a rope around Tracy's neck and the other end attached to an innocent young boy hanging out of a highrise window, Chester Gould proves that he can still invent unique death traps for the sharpjawed detective. The tension and excitement continue throughout the stories collected in this book, as Tracy and his team are led on one relentless chase after another. And just when they think they've captured the criminal mastermind known as "Button," he escapes...and escapes again! Also featured are Button's sister named Hope Lezz; the knifethrowing exvaudevillian KeenotheGreat; a con man named Big Brass, who peddles atomic nose rings; and a seemingly demure grandmother named Florabelle, who dresses up her longdead brother's skull with a wig, hat, shirt, tie, and cigar...and just happens to keep a razorsharp guillotine in her basement. Things never slow down in Dick Tracy Volume 27, which reprints all dailies and Sundays from September 28, 1972 to July 6, 1974.


"Chester Gould introduced a new hardhitting type of realism [that] marked a radical and historic departure: the comics were no longer just funny." Jerry Robinson, The Comics


"This black and white morality play of Good vs. Evil was famously haunted by its gallery of grotesque and aptly named villains like Mumbles, the Brow and Flattop. Each of their faces was literally a "map," a map of hell, indicated by the most peculiar configuration of lines the artist could manage. What great's time to build new bookshelves to welcome one of America's singular artistic achievements." Art Spiegelman


Ongoing series that reprints the complete comic strips by Chester Gould from 1931 1977 in 29 definitive volumes.