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The first graphic novel adaptation of Charles Ferdinand Ramuz's modernist classic "Our smallness in the face of nature is at the heart of Derborence. Ramuz's words meet their match with Fabian Menon's paintbrush." - Le Temps Called "the sensation of the Left Bank" by the New York Times, Charles Ferdinand Ramuz was compared to writers as great as Faulkner and Homer. Though he worked in Paris for a decade, he is remembered as one of the great novelists of the Alps. Derborence is the story of a devastating alpine landslide, of the grief-stricken villagers who are haunted by what they believe is the ghost of a man who should not have survived the unsurvivable, and of a woman who refuses to give up hope. A tragic tale full of endearing characters and harsh mountain landscapes, Charles Ferdinand Ramuz's famous novel lends itself perfectly to graphic novel form.