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Praise for Dukudami Tenement Volume One - Andy Oliver - Broken Frontier - 09/08/2017 "One of the most exciting new releases available at Safari Festival" (Also Broken Frontier best of Safari 2017 Staff Picks ( 11/08/2017 ). Paul Gravett - Recommendation - 06/08/2017 "an essential first-ever English-language tankoubon volume and I couldn't resist it." "Essential reading." Karl Assa - Orbital Comics London - Staff Picks - 27/07/2017 "Here is a hilarious slice of life manga about a young man coming to terms with life having moved to the city." There is no other manga like this......not now .... or ever.... Let me get my head around what I am gonna write here. Because this is important to me it might take a little time. In the meantime here is a quote from Mitsuhiro Asakawa, former editor of GARO - "For me Yoshio Hori, the protagonist of these stories, was the most empathic character in manga when I was in my late-teen to early 20Ãs. Yoshio lives a hand to mouth existence. No girlfriend, no money, no job. He doesn't have an aim of life and doesn't know what to do with his life. At that time I was just like him, in a way. I think that English readers will feel the same way as I feel, that there is no other manga like this, not now or ever." Technical spec is- A6 (japanese) 138 pages approx. Forward, and in-depth biography by Mitsuhiro Asakawa ( former editor of GARO) Off-set print.