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Volume 4 continues with an international roundup, kicking off with the 54-page "The Adventures of Herge", by French cartoonist Stanislas (written by Bocquet and Fromental), a compelling, meticulously-researched biography of Tintin's famed creator. New cartoonist Miriam Katin explores terrifying childhood memories in Hungary during the time of the Soviet invasion in 1956 and French cartoonist Blutch provides another brutal look at the unsavory history of boxing. Other highlights include "The Bleeding Tree", a haunting story by new Swiss cartoonist Nicolas Robel, a new full color strip by Ron Rege Jr, and the return of R. Sikoryak, with his retelling of "The Scarlet Letter" as seen through the eyes of...Little Lulu?! This edition also includes an expanded "Archives" section, with another breathtaking 30 page overview of Frank King's Gasoline Alley Sunday pages in color, focusing on the early years of the strip from 1922 through 1925. D&Q will also delve into the past with an impressive 20 page "poster gallery" of Harry Mayerovitch's stunning World War Two posters he produced at the time for Canada's National Film Board, none of which have been reproduced in color since the 1940's! Covers and endpapers by noted illustrator Steven Guarnaccia.