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When gods walk the Earth! Get to know the enigmatic Eternals - beginning with their introductory adventure by none other than Jack Kirby! The 'King' introduced a brand new mythology for the Marvel Universe, with the revelation that mankind is not alone. Thanks to the manipulations of the cosmic giants known as the Celestials, we unknowingly share the Earth with the godlike Eternals - and their sworn enemies, the misshapen Deviants! Meet Ikaris, Sersi, Ajak and more, and learn the secret origin of their incredible race! Then, thrill to a forgotten tale of the mighty hero Gilgamesh, and the thorn in his side called Sprite! And see the sorceress Sersi in a life-changing adventure with the Avengers - and her reluctant soulmate, the Black Knight! Collecting: Eternals (1976) 1-5, Avengers Spotlight (1989) 35, Avengers (1963) 361, material from What If? (1977) 23-30