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Young Mané is full of envy and strength, two essential qualities for someone who wishes to engage in Pankat, a brutal martial art and philosophy for those who practice it. Wandering the greatest Pankat schools in Irap, Mané will quickly prove himself with the advice of Eïam, one of the greatest masters of all time. But will he be able to resist the lure of Féssat, a former student who will try to lead the young man into a life of crime? The rules of life are not always as straightforward as those of a Pankat fight... The story of young warrior full of dreams and confidence hoping to rise to the ranks of celebrity in the popular Pankat competitions. Set in an otherworldly fictional universe, it is hard to pinpoint if this tale qualifies as science-fiction or fantasy, straddling both with ease. Filled with action and fully-realized, animated characters, the story of relationships and responsibility supports the immense amount of blockbuster action, making this less of a "martial arts" tale as much as a tale of morality. Merwan's unique visual style blends aspects of popular manga with American comic art, giving this book a universality that defies comparison.