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There were a total of eight Larrigan stories published in Fleetway Picture Libraries between 1961 and 1962. Our first volume (Larrigan) reprints the first four Larrigan stories illustrated by Arturo del Castillo. This second volume completes the lone gunslinger Larrigan's adventures with the four remaining tales with artwork by Emilio Frejo (1931-2013) and Carlos Roume (1923-2009). Larrigan would ride off into the sunset in Cowboy Picture Library #467 in September 1962. Some of his adventures were re-used in Wild West Picture Library later in the 1960s, although for some unknown reason he was no longer Larrigan, but Sheridan. Reprinting Lone Rider #14 Rough Justice by Emilio Frejo, Cowboy Picture Library #455 Hate Town by Emilio Frejo, Cowboy Picture Library #459 The Devil's Posse by Carlos Roume and Cowboy Picture Library #467 by Emilio Frejo. These atmospheric western thrillers are reprinted here for the first time since their original publication in 1962. The artwork has been re-scanned and cleaned so the reproduction is even better than their first appearance.