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French language book! Currently the only language this is available in. 

Think you know everything about youkai? Their appearance, their habitat, their habits and even how to scare them away if they threaten you? But have you ever wondered what constitutes them?

Indeed, the internal functioning of each youkai is very particular and requires specific organs adapted to its environment and its capacities. It was with a view to providing the scientific complement necessary for the understanding of these magical beings that Shigeru Mizuki drew in the 1960s nearly 85 anatomical sections of yôkai.

The reader will discover how Fukurosagé, a tanuki from Nagano prefecture, has a stomach capable of changing food into sake or how Mannendaké, a 10,000-year-old bamboo, uses its fingers (similar to syringes) to suck souls of lost travellers.

Funny and unusual, the texts accompanying each drawing were written by Mizuki himself (and adapted by Jean-Louis Capron for this edition). This information supports the fascinating imagination of Japanese folklore.

For this occasion we have published a booklet entitled Inside Kitaro composed of anatomical cuts of the most famous characters of Mizuki: Kitaro, Papa Œil, Ration, etc. It will be offered in bookstores for the purchase of two Mizuki books.