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An A5 comic isn't enough to keep the Lone Roller contained!


Cast away from his home as a young man, The Lone Roller is cursed to be the 'Dezert Strollah', a stranger with no name who must wander the desolate Western sands and snow-covered forest on foot! A rip in time gives him access to a pair of mysterious Boots on Wheels and cans that seem to spray paint...


The Lone Roller is inspired by my love of Early 2000s fashion, street culture, and serialized comics storytelling. Blending the extreme style of 'Jet Set Radio' with the gritty realism of Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Western films, 'The Lone Roller' is an exciting, and never-before-seen blend of two very different Worlds!


Printed on recycled white paper, using the Risograph printing process, this comic contains the first chapter of The Lone Roller's ongoing saga, as he travels to the ghostly town of 'End-A-Line' and comes across a conspiracy that threatens to take away his wheels for good!


Don't wait around! The Lone Roller is raring to go, so pick up your copy now and experience his wild Western adventures for yourself!