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A new 120-page original graphic novel from The Pride & Glitter Vipers writer Joe Glass, Elk Mountain's Vince Underwood, Vagrant Queen's Harry Saxon & Eisner Award-winning editor and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou about superhero refugees, and deep family secrets.

The Miracles is a brand new, 120 page original graphic novel. It tells the story of high school senior Elliot Morgan: a massive comic fan with graduation and Major Voltage Adventures on his mind, when he's astonished to discover he has superhuman abilities of his own. 

When he almost immediately goes out and makes a public display of his new superheroic abilities, he's amazed to be confronted by his favourite comic book characters staring him down in the real world. As if that wasn't crazy enough, they reveal the truth about themselves - they're his parents and they reveal that they are refugees from the world of his favourite comic book escaped to this world when he was just a baby. 

What follows is revelation after revelation, after more and more of the family's secrets come to light. Just how many secrets can one family be keeping?