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Legendary Batman and X-Men talent, Neal Adams, bursts back onto the comics scene with a new graphic novel, Neal Adams Monsters, featuring the most terrifying supernatural creatures in classic horror history: The Frankenstein Monster, Count Dracula and the Werewolf. Neal Adams Monsters was rendered oversized to take the art to the max. The end result is a masterwork which features the dramatic linework and exquisite fine rendering Neal Adams has been canonized for. Thrill to a level of unprecedented detail as a comics grandmaster reveals the story of these infamous horror legends as only he can see them: a horror epic guaranteed to thrill. Collected into an English-language graphic novel for the first time, this material was originally serialized in Adamis groundbreaking anthology Echo of Future Past. This new edition has digital coloring and effects in a process personally overseen by Adams to conform to his exacting standards for rendering, lighting and form. New pages have been added, new covers, anf a special section of rare paintings, sketches and drawings of monsters from throughout his illustration career. For fans of monsters, great art or great storytelling--comic lover or not--Neal Adams Monsters is a must-have.