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CREDO! 2021 marks the 40th anniversary of Book 1 of everyone’s favourite intergalactic antifa Nemesis the Warlock! To commemorate the occasion we’ve teamed up with 2000AD publisher Rebellion and co-creator of the series, the mighty Kevin O’Neill, to bring you an exclusive, signed A2 screen print. This amazing, all-new image features the series major characters locked in epic combat.

Kevin O’Neill needs no introduction to fans of 2000AD. One of the Galaxy's Greatest Comics’ most beloved art droids, O’Neill, alongside Brit comics godfather Pat Mills, is the co-creator of Nemesis the Warlock. Kevin has also lent his kinetic, angular and vulgar linework to such thrills as ABC Warriors & Judge Dredd, as well as being co-creator of both superhero-hating vigilante  Marshall Law with Mills, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with the legendary Alan Moore. 

Nemesis the Warlock made his first appearance in 2000AD Prog 167 in July 1980 with Comics Rock: Terror Tube but wouldn’t debut in his own series until Prog 222, which hit shelves on 18th July 1981. Focusing on the ongoing war between Nemesis and genocidal despot Torquemada, the series is rightly regarded as one of 2000AD’s finest thrills. 

This A2 size, black and white, signed screen print is presented on 250gsm Gmund Bauhaus stock and limited to 200 copies. So, what are you waiting for: “Be pure, Be vigilant, Be an owner of this print!”