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Daniel Warren Johnson is a writer and artist who always commands our attention. From his early works on titles such as Ghost Fleet, through the eye popping sci-fi of Extremity (which impressed us enough to do a bookplate), to the frankly gobsmacking Wonder Woman Dead Earth (which I constantly regret not putting in our best of list last year). And this year he’s done it again with a short and sweet adventure starring everyone’s favourite horse-headed Thor stand-in, Beta Ray Bill. After a complicated break-up with Sif, Bill embarks on a quest to find a replacement for his recently broken hammer, Stormbreaker, with the temporarily resurrected Skurge and Pip the Troll along for the ride. Feeling a bit lost? Don’t worry, no real knowledge is required to enjoy DWJ’s innovative storytelling, irreverent humour and mastery of kinetic action. But most importantly, as unlikely as it may seem, the book is loaded with heart, and it’s that that really sticks with you when all is said and done.