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Unique long epic story of 192 pages.

In this book you will find all the incredible features by the master:

splatter, virtuosity in panels creation, grotesque sex, rearranged historic elements, handmade patterns for backgrounds, all epic and all drawn in A3 size!

The Princess of the Never-Ending castle is his first long comic book.the pocket edition is the same of the first edition with the following differences:

- it's smaller, 17 x 24 cm

- not an hardcover anymore, but softcover + flaps

- has the same kind and quality of paper but 120g and not 140g anymore

This is a story about a world that splits into billions of endless worlds, just like the classic science fiction trope "parallel worlds".


Although tales of parallel worlds have been written in many media (novels, movies, comics, etc.) in the past, I think this story, “the Princess of the Never-ending Castle," presents a new way to demonstrate parallel worlds, which I have never seen before.



At the same time, this graphic novel also includes experiments in the language of comics. Please enjoy this work, which features in places several challenging innovations."