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San Francisco, 1971. As the Vietnam War rages, the government wages war at home against the hippy counter-culture. High profile drug trials capture headlines. Seymour Phillips, a headstrong journalist eager to prove himself, discovers key information uncovering a vast drug network. A routine interview leads to a sensational accusation that the man accused of trafficking mass quantities of LSD, works for the CIA. Seymour is approached by CHASE, an eccentric, paranoid stranger in disguise who claims to be a former CIA operative and have the inside scoop on the CIA/LSD connection. Chase insists that Seymour has only scratched the surface. The two forge a most uncommon alliance in a dangerous and mind-bending quest for the truth behind quite possibly the most bizarre chapter of the CIA's history. While most Americans were watching Leave it to Beaver and listening to The Everly Brothers, an eclectic group of CIA operatives were spiking each other's coffees with LSD, throwing decadent parties and hiring prostitutes to slip unsuspecting johns drug-laced drinks in order to observe every stoned and kinky moment from behind two-way mirrors. And this was only when they weren't dreaming up the next far reaching "official" application for this new, all-powerful, mind blowing drug - a drug that would ironically fuel the counter-culture over a decade later. Coincidence? Maybe not.