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A couple of days after reading about and digesting the implications of AI image creation, I decided I could either retire or respond. Here’s my response, a 96-page book of short graphic stories exploring and conversing with AI. GILGAMESH TABLET V returns Andrew George’s translation of humanity’s oldest text, back to a purely visual language to see if the narrative survives this remote exchange across 4000 years. THIS MIDIS THE WORLD JOURNEY asks how AI sees us through one news headline per day for a month. WALKING ALONG THE EDGE OF THE CEREBROSPINAL SEA is my final chat with the bot during a morning walk around Rye Harbour, where I try and get it to answer some impossible questions, while starting to feel the algorithms rifling through my brain.
It was created in 12 days and printed and bound in 20.
Limited edition signed and numbered (450) hardback book.