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The Needleman Cometh! Martin Simpson’s creepy and compelling story of a city under absolute control. Gary Spencer Millidge provides the next Strangehaven episode as we build toward the conclusion. The Collector by Sarah Gordon becomes even more unsettling. Mark Stafford and David Hine continues the depravity in The Bad Bad Place. And so very much more! Cover by Martin Simpson

Meanwhile... is a critically-acclaimed anthology title, curated by copublisher John Anderson to meet the tastes of discerning comics readers.

“A disparate collection of reflections on the complexities of modern society with some healthy dollops of fantasy and humour-driven strips make Meanwhile… #8 a worthy addition to this curious, anything-goes anthology. The sheer variety of styles, stories, artists and writers continue to make it an anthology worth diving into, especially since Meanwhile… is

infinitely keen to throw you in at the deep end.”

- Fred McNamara, A Place to Hang Your Cape