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Both darkly comic and just plain dark, Rick Veitch's Bratpack has been considered a must-read almost since the release of its first issue in 1990. Now, fifteen years after it's last printing, it's back in a new hardcover edition. Welcome to Slumburg, Pennsylvania, where the superpowered team called Black October is as bad as the villains they bring in. Now they want to train a new generation to follow in their footsteps. First, though, they'll need to find some new recruits, as they suddenly find themselves facing a distinct shortage of sidekicks. Subversively subtle yet completely over the top, Bratpack is uncompromising, uncomfortable, and unforgettable. It's also an essential for every graphic novel collection. This black and white hardcover edition includes Neil Gaiman's introduction, as well as a new essay by Rick, extra art, and the original 23-page series proposal.