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Continuing in the grand British tradition of Escape, Pssst!, and Revolver, SKRAWL is a comic anthology magazine featuring cartoonists, artists, and writers primarily from the UK's independent comic scene. The core group is composed of the SKRAWLLORDZ (Mark Hughes, Russell Mark Olson, Nick Prolix, Martin Simpson, Pete Taylor, and Gustaffo Vargas) and the magazine features guest spots by their chums. Issue #1 features UK indie royalty Phil Elliott, Bun's Rosie Packwood, cartoonist Jessica Lucas, Cats the Butthole Cut's Matt Simmons, and the Cartoon Museum's artist in residence Mark Stafford. John Reppion and Lucy Sullivan also make an appearance, providing the mag with an illustrated short story. Simone D'Armini, also be graces the pages with a two page comic written by the SKRAWLLORDZ.