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In 2012 we were assigned to make a prestigious credit sequence film for the OFFF festival in collaboration with a fantastic Swedish studio called Upper First. Our mission was to create a story, in comic format, which would then be put on the silver screen by our Nordic colleagues. We tried to come up with a formula that would appeal to the widest spectrum of viewers possible: Action, Drama and Unicorns. The story takes place in the near future, when human kind faces the imminent threat posed by a giant meteorite that's about to strike the Earth. Countries from all over the world have come together and made a bizarre plan that means splitting the Earth into two pieces so that the celestial body can pass between them. Initially, the plan's a success. The Earth's divided into two pieces, doomed to wander through the vastness of the universe in different directions. The main protagonists of the adventure are Lydia López, a scientist, and Conrad, her assistant. As a result of an experiment gone wrong, the scientist turns into a superhero, and her assistant a small unicorn.

Once the basic plot line of the comic was established, Upper First began working parallel to us, creating the universe in the film. It was the first time our characters and illustrations were going to be conveyed in the real world, and it was fascinating to us. The quality of work undertaken for this project was incredible, and it was completed in absolute record time. The casting, locations, and computer generated special effects were all top-notch. We were lucky enough to attend while they were shooting the film in Sweden, and we even made a cameo appearance in a scene which was filmed inside a nuclear power plant. The comic was specifically published for the festival, and it was handed out exclusively to audience members moments before the film was presented.