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French language edition! But not a huge amount of text.


It takes less than a hundred pages for the talent and intelligence of Winshluss to dissect Darwinian theories and illustrate by example the transition from ape to modern man.


An animal ballet with a breathtaking design of grace and energy, SMART MONKEY describes the ancestral struggle of the weakest to survive against brute force. In this case, it is a small monkey with mischievous ways, daily confronted with the traps of the jungle and its many predators. Of course, he is the most astute of all and there is not a bad step he cannot get out of with panache. It embodies the superiority of brain over muscle, of refinement over brutality, of culture over instinct…until an epilogue set 2000 years later reminds us that civilization was not built on good feelings and that the weakest always end up dying one day or another...