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Roll up, roll up! The Dinosaur Awards are about to begin - and you're invited! Who will win the Terrifying Toes Award? Who will be crowned the Lizard King? And who will take home the Loudest Trumpeter Award?


Celebrate the prehistoric past with 50 dynamic dinosaurs. Readers can learn all about the dinosaurs' features, diet and habits as well as discover what makes each one so prize-worthy - and there are 10 comic strips to enjoy, too. With easy-to-understand, humorous text by Barbara Taylor and joyful illustrations from cartoonist Stephen Collins, this is the perfect book for dinosaur-loving kids everywhere. There are pronunciation guides, time periods, and vital statistics for each dinosaur, as well as an index to peruse.



Velociraptor  Tsintaosaurus  Pegomastax  Caudipteryx  Mamenchisaurus  Argentinosaurus  Spinosaurus  Titanceratops  Gigantoraptor  Tyrannosaurus Rex  Compsognathus  Carcharodontosaurus  Yutyrannus  Euoplocephalus  Majungasaurus  Coelophysis  Gigantosaurus  Utahraptor  Triceratops  Hypsilophodon  Archaeopteryx  Deinonychus  Maiasaura  Ankylosaurus  Pinacosaurus  Sauropelta  Gastonia  Pachyrhinosaurus  Sichomimus  Sauroposeidon  Pachycephalosaurus  Stegosaurus  Parasaurolophus  Kamuysaurus  Lambeosaurus  Corythosaurus  Troodon  Sciurimimus  Gallimimus  Therizinosaurus  Ouranosaurus  Avimimus  Sinosauropteryx   Mircroraptor  Anchiornis  Diplodocus  Oviraptor  Dromaeosaurus  Cryolophosaurus