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This volume collects more than 800 pages' worth of alternative and underground comics by creators such as Jeffrey Brown, Ellen Forney, Esther Pearl Watson, and more, previously only seen in limited-run pamphlets.

Treasury of Mini Comics Vol. 2 is a historical survey and collection of several decades' worth of some of the best that DIY comics has to offer, from some of the medium's most talented independent creators, including: Brad Foster, Fiona Smyth, Ethan Persoff & Scott Marshall, Lilli Loge, Anna Bas Backer, Antione Duthoit, Trina Robbins, Bob Conway, David Miller, Par Holman, Clark Dissmeyer, Steve Willis, Jeff Gaither, R.K. Sloane, Jeff Nicholson, Dan W. Taylor, John Trubee, Jason Atomic, Art Penn, Marc Bell, Tom Hart, J.R. Williams, Pat Moriarity, R.L. Crabb, Ellen Forney, Renee French, Molly Kiely, Jeffery Brown, Pshaw, Colin Upton, Johnny Ryan, Souther Salazar, Max Clotfelter, Allison Cole, Theo Ellsworth, Lisa Hanawalt, Travis Millard, Bobby Madness, Esther Pearl Watson, Jim Rugg, Dan Zettwoch, Tom Neely, Jason T. Miles, Harukichi, Pakito Bolino, Bernie McGovern, Susan Belle, Caroline Paquita, Kristyna Baczynski, Leah Wishnia, and Nick Bertozzi. This hefty, 800-page volume also takes a look back at the wild sex comics called "Tijuana Bibles" that sprang from the 1930s underworld as context. Previously only seen in limited-run pamphlets, these comics are startling, visionary, hilarious, profane, and profound.