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“Urban Tails” is a collection of autobiographical comics strips. It tells the story of daily life in Tel Aviv, Israel, through the eyes of a lesbian family dominated by cats.


Mom 1 - the writer and illustrator - is busy with her art, Mom 2 - her girlfriend - is obsessed with her psychologist and therapy, and Rafi and Spaghetti - their two talking cats - are busy with cat stuff but also with political and social issues. Rafi, being black and the only male in the household, becomes a social activist who fights for justice, and Spaghetti promotes Feminism - long before “Me too”.


The subject matters vary, from music to grandparents, falling in love with straight girls, Obama, cockroaches, Jewish holidays and much more, while at the heart of every one of them, there is the lesbian relationship of the two moms that is presented as normative.


In addition, the comics tell the tale of the main affairs that took place in Israel and around the world during the six and a half years it was written, drawn and published. The opinionated cats and their human moms bring up controversial issues such as military operations and gay issues with humor alongside lighter issues like fashion and reality tv.


The collection of Hebrew strips was published in 2014 in Israel by Pardes publishing house, after appearing weekly in City Mouse magazine between the years 2006-2013.