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Now I wouldn’t normally include the latest volume of a series that has been running for more than 35 years, but Bunraku and Other Stories is designed as a jumping on point for new readers, collecting the first arc of Usagi’s first series with new publisher IDW, and also the first time the book has been presented in colour (by Sakai’s old Groo collaborator Tom Luth). That’s a lot of firsts, but most importantly we want to take every opportunity to promote Usagi Yojimbo as a must-read for kids and adults alike. Usagi is a ronin rabbit who travels across a fantasy version of the Edo period of Japan, filled with samurai, ninja, monsters and magic, while always staying grounded in Japanese culture and historical events. Writer & artist Stan Sakai’s art and storytelling are as fresh and accessible as ever. This volume sees Usagi take on a troupe of demon puppets, assist a famous writer in escaping from her samurai husband, battle a goblin near the spot his master was killed, and meet up with some old friends in a goofy, fun story to round the collection out. Oh, and there’s an animated series coming to Netflix, so get on board now and act like you knew about it all along...