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Gosh! Best Of 2022

George Wylesol burst onto the scene in 2017 with the collection “Ghosts Etc”, seemingly perfectly formed. The comics were strikingly bright and clean looking, belying the quiet creepiness and you’ll feel if you spend any amount of time with them. Since then he’s continued to evolve, moving further away from the traditional form of comics to create this 500 page choose-your-own-adventure-comic. In turns funny, horrifying and painfully relatable, it’s an all-encompassing experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Wade (or is it you?) has made it to 2120 Macmillan Drive, he says he’s been sent there to fix a computer, but no one’s answering the door. What would you do next? Peer in through a window? (turn to page 4 for that) Try walking around the building for a back door? (that’ll be page 6) Maybe you’re already feeling uncomfortable, you can tell that not all is as it seems and that’s not just an empty building ahead of you. In which case you could, as the first page suggests, “take the day off”. Just close the book and walk away, there are some things which should remain buried and hidden. I’d want to see where the rabbit hole goes, though.


You're Wade, a schlubby middle-aged computer repairman, sent to fix a computer in a vacant, nondescript office. Once inside, the door locks behind you and you can't get out. Now the adventure begins! Explore this huge, sprawling building and find your way home. Your only hope is to uncover clues in the many empty rooms and try to work out the mystery this whole experience hangs on. Presented as a blend of classic 'choose your own adventure' stories and point and click escape games, 2120 offers readers the chance to explore these liminal spaces and take an existential journey of discovery.