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Gosh! Best Of 2022

An unexpected highlight this year was Dorison & Delep's thorough reimagining of the themes of Animal Farm, as the animal inhabitants of an abandoned castle exploit the labour of the nearby farm animals (humans are well out of the picture here). It's a study of revolutionary saviours becoming tyrannical dictators in their own right, and the civil disobediance that begins to grow among the populace after the arrival of a mysterious rat, spearheaded by a mother cat named Miss Bengalore. It's a gripping read, the first chapter in larger story, and the artwork is stunning, with lush linework and delicately painted colours. 

A 2022 Junior Library Guild Selection! On the Farm all animals were equal. In the Castle some are more equal than others. For fans of the bestselling Stray Dogs and the Eisner Award winning Beasts of Burden comes an animal fable at once familiar and surprising! You may think you know the story but set aside your assumptions, this animal uprising is unlike any you have read! Nestled in the heart of a farm forgotten by men, the Animal Castle is ruled with an iron hoof by President Silvio. The bull and its dog militia savor their power, while the other animals are exhausted by work, until the arrival of the mysterious Azelard, a traveling rat who will teach them the secrets of civil disobedience. Collecting issues 1-5 of the bestselling comic series into a handsome hardcover volume, with complete cover gallery and bonus material, including behind the scenes info and illustrations.