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An eye-opener into what happens behind the doctor's desk, Scrupulosity takes a stethoscope to Dr Iwan James, a GP in a small rural market town, who is in need of care himself. Incontinent old ladies, men with eagle tattoos, traumatised widowers - his dismay at the sufferings of his patients is further confounded by unrequited longing for his colleague, Dr Lois Pritchard, and their backstabbing partner, Dr Robert Smith, who will use any means to make Iwan look bad in her presence. Haunted since childhood by 'scrupulosity', a moral or religious form of obsessive compulsive disorder, Iwan's only relief from the pains of practice and patients are his cycling trips with his friend and mentor, Arthur. Wry, comic, graphic, often quotidian and sometimes tragic, his patients' stories are the spokes that make Iwan's wheels go round.