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The newest title in the hugely successful Big Book series: a fact-filled book on the world s most fascinating flowering plantsWhat does a venus fly trap eat?
How strong is a giant water lily?
Does a cactus flower?

The newest addition to Yuval Zommer s bestselling series answers these questions andmore as it introduces young children to all kinds of colourful, carnivorous, weird andwonderful flowering plants from around the world. It opens with introductory spreadson how to be a botanist; how to recognise different types of flowers; the life-cycle of aplant; flower anatomy; and the seven types of animal pollinators including bats, birds andbeetles. Subsequent spreads, illustrated within various habitats, are dedicated to specificvarieties of plants, including the carnivorous venus flytrap, the giant water lily and theweird and wonderful corpse flower. Readers will enjoy learning about different edibleflowers and why flowers are fragrant or colourful, not to mention grisly details aboutcarnivorous and poisonous flowers.

Table of Contents

Flower families Flower anatomy Colourful flowers Venus flytraps Giant water
lilies Proteas Pitcher plants Pollinators Flower fragrance Cacti Mountain
flowers Wildflowers Sunflowers Bird of Paradise flowers Vines and creepers
Roses Save the flowers! Cherry blossoms Corpse flowers Orchids Flowers and us
Dangerous and deadly Tulips Seeds and seed dispersal The life cycle of a plant
Grow your own blooms Did you find Blooms words