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The Dancing Plague ‘tis a true fable. In 1518 a goodly many citizens of Strasb'rg w're grip'd by a most alarming devilr’y, an irrepressible compulsion to danceth, oft resulting in the victims deaths. Gareth Brooke’s folk horr’r twing'd tellings of the event is toldeth from the p'rspective of Mary, a composite charact'r amalgamating the exp'riences of real life witnesses to the ungodly frenzy and expl'ring the roles of maidens in a society drench'd in oppressive misogyny.  Mournfully p'rtraying life in the 1500’s through intricate and engaging mix'd media art, Brookes draws upon the lookings of medieval marginalia, grimoires and tapestries to expl're the extra-natural happenstance, a feasting for thine eyes.  Wast it a strange fungal infection?  Shar'd maddenings by the opress'd? Or t’was it verily, something mo're infernal, mo're demonic at work..? Should'th there be a besth o' the year of our lord, 2021 list, then The Dancing Plague should most certainly rest’th upon't.