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Before the narrative of Do A Powerbomb begins, Daniel Warren Johnson explains his late conversion to pro-wrestling fandom during long nights trying to put his infant daughter to sleep. It’s rare for an introduction to so perfectly set the tone for the book that follows (especially when the story includes necromancers, talking orangutans and ultraviolence), but this is ultimately a family tale. Legacy wrestler Lona Steelrose isn’t allowed to follow in the footsteps of her wrestling icon mother Yua Steelrose, until an invitation from an exiled galactic warlord offers an opportunity even greater than glory. With art that is never anything less than kinetically mind-blowing in the fight sequences and evocatively heart-rending in quieter moments, the twists and escalations that follow are best discovered with fresh eyes. No prior knowledge of (or even interest in) wrestling, science fiction, or Faustian pacts is needed to enjoy this latest corner-rope-climbing triumph from Johnson and longtime colour collaborator Mike Spicer.