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Monsters & Creatures shines its torchlight on the beasts that haunt, hunt, and horrify adventurers—from deep underground caverns to wild forests, rocky mountains, and the soaring skies above.

Choose the type of character you want to be with guidance from Warriors & Weapons, and equip them with the weaponry, armor, clothing, and equipment that's essential for adventuring—whether you plan to embark on your own and take up a quest with friends.

Dungeons & Tombs illuminates the dark and forboding corners of the most infamous locations in the worlds of D&D—with maps and challenges that will help you survive the dungeons, deathtraps, and dangerous situations you'll encounter in these fantastical settings.

Focus on the mystical side of D&D in Wizards & Spells, an essential primer on the wizards, sorcerers, and enchanted beings that may appear during your adventures, and the way spells are created and used in the game.