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The Crystal Fortress, a prison that floats high amongst the clouds is run by its nefarious warden, a mad tyrant named The Crystal King. Inflicted with a mystical curse that populate its hallways with shimmering red crystals and horrifying evil creatures, your heroes will need to use their wits to survive this dangerous dungeon, overthrow the crystal king and escape its fortifications.


Escape From Crystal Fortress contains a prison escape scenario to be used by game masters of your favourite pen and paper role playing game. This illustrated zine will take you and your players on the journey of breaking out of their cells, discovering the secrets and horrors of this unusual prison, to finally escaping its walls.


It features annotated maps to navigate the dungeon and its surrounding areas, contains several unique and frightening monsters for your heroes to battle, along with a selection of exciting new magical items to collect. The adventure was intended to be played by low level characters and is 5e compatible.


From Will Humberstone