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Gosh! Best of 2022

It's impossible to overstate just how darn cute the world of Mosco and Hu's educational graphic novel is. As best of friends Mole and Vole venture out to explore their nearby natural world in a series of five adventures (Vole always looking for danger, Mole always making things a little more sedate). Starting in the countryside and moving (rather inadvertantly after a trip to a nearby human house to sneakily watch nature documentaries ends in a packing mishap) to the city, the adorable pair show kids that the natural world is worth exploring no matter what your environment. And all the while there is a background thread about a young girl having trouble adjusting after a move which will no doubt strike a nerve in many. Plus there's some great extras, including a how-to-draw section and some fun nature activities. A must have for nature-loving tykes!


Each day, Mole and Vole venture out into the world - never forgetting their nature journal! - to see what they can find in their own backyard. From pigeons and jumping spiders to swamp milkweed and maple trees, these two explorers get to know every part of their local environment. But after an accidental move from the country to the city, Mole and Vole worry that everything will be different. As they explore, they discover plants to look at and animals to meet in their new home as well. The story of these two best friends brings to life a nonfiction adventure of finding wonder in nature everywhere - no matter where you live. This book concludes with fun activities for kids to do at home.