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Meet every new and returning symbiote from the upcoming epic Death of Venomverse! Face front, Venomaniacs - to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the creation of Venom, the summer of symbiotes is underway! And it all starts with EXTREME VENOMVERSE, a landmark series that's going to take Mighty Marveldom to corners of the hive never seen before in three titanic tales! First! Comics superstars Ryan North and Paulo Siqueira put a fresh and exciting spin on a story you may be familiar with... starring Eddie Brock as... Spider-Man?! Then! Your new favourite comics writer, Mirka Andolfo, shows you a side of the whole Brock family you never thought you'd see! And finally! One of the best writer/artists in comics today, Leonardo Romero, reimagines Venom as a samurai! But whether all of your new favourite symbiotes will survive this summertime saga remains to be seen... Collecting: Extreme Venomverse (2023) 1-5