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The powers that be, however, didn t get where they are by playing nice. They ve made plans for every contingency including teams of insanely powerful superhumans with sentient, city-size, interdimensional spaceships. So when the Authority begins to seriously upset their hard-won networks of control, the backlash that results is as swift as it is devastating. But as bad as things get, these attacks are still comprehensible on a human scale. The same can t be said for what is following in their wake. Taking over the ground-breaking title created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, renowned writer Mark Millar is joined by a host of comics greatest artists including Frank Quitely, Dustin Nguyen, Art Adams and others for this second volume of The Authority, collecting the uncensored, original pages of The Authority #13-29, The Authority Annual 2000, and stories from Wildstorm Summer Special! Also includes an introduction by Tim Miller, director of Deadpool.