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A BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATED NOVEL OF SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE'S FIRST NOVEL FEATURING SHERLOCK HOLMES! ???????London, 1878. Poor Dr Watson returns from India completely penniless and on the verge of despair when he meets Sherlock Holmes, a whimsical guy who also happens to be looking for a roommate. The pair move into 221 Baker Street when one of Scotland Yard's top sleuths enlists the talented Detective Holmes to help solve a dark murder case. Together, Watson and Holmes will lead the investigation and cement a partnership that will last for years to come. Structured in two parts, with the murder investigation in the first half, and a clever tale-within-a-tale flashback in the second part, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle transports us from a Victorian London atmosphere to the frontiers of Utah and Nevada in the 1860s; a true global adventure. First published in 1887, author Arthur Conan Doyle released this first novel introducing the world to the brilliant Sherlock Holmes. The character became immensely popular, going on to star in four novels and 56 short stories before breaking out into nearly every other medium known, from stage and screen to video games. The Guiness Book of World Records lists Holmes as the most portrayed literary human character in film and television history. This brand new edition of the first Sherlock Holmes novel is filled with 80 beautiful illustrations by artist Vincent Mallie, capturing the joyful style of an animated feature as if created by renowned director Hayao Miyazaki whose early career includes writing and directing the popular anime series SHERLOCK HOUND in the 1980s.