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A rectal prolapse and a terminal cancer diagnosis launch our unnamed everyman protagonist into a scabrous, self-lacerating inner journey as he confronts his imminent mortality. Wandering the city in a state of self-obsessed delirium, his protuberant, snake-like rectum dragging behind him (a literally sputtering and exploding visual metaphor), our everyman desperately searches for the meaning of his life. Along the way, he stumbles across an endless stream of victims of life's brutal vagaries -- street philosophers, degenerates, libidinous monstrosities, fascistic cops, sages, his own daughter, and ultimately his doppelgänger -- as his life spirals into a hallucinatory series of near-psychotic episodes, including what may be the most horrifyingly surreal Freudian nightmare ever penned by a cartoonist. A modern day Pilgrim's Progress as seen through the scatological lens of an unrestrained satirist working at full throttle, Pier Dola's From Granada to Cordoba is a riotous, relentless, and terrifying attempt to grapple with the abyss.