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A debut from Bree Paulson, Garlic and the Vampire marks her as absolutely one to watch. Working in a witch’s garden, a cast of vegetable characters are terrified by the discovery that a vampire may be residing in a nearby castle. By group vote, it’s decided the timid and very reluctant Garlic will be sent to confront the vampire – after all, they are a natural deterrent! If that doesn’t sound like an incredible premise, I don’t want to hear it! As much as Paulson’s writing is clever and original, it’s her art that really shines as she’s created a wonderfully charming world you’ll want to just fall into. Paulson’s history of working in animation is abundantly clear, as she’s a master of facial expression. You'll constantly find yourself asking ‘how does she give a carrot that much personality?!’. Sheer brilliance, Garlic and the Vampire an absolute standout for any age.