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180 x 255mm -- 76 pages -- offset printed -- paperback

The latest work from Baltimore-based cartoonist Conor Stechschulte (The Amateurs) is an erotic psychological thriller about the rain-soaked night a stranded motorist is forced to spend with a strange, isolated couple.

This is the first in an ambitious series, several years in the making, that has already been described as Stechschulte's best work to date in such critical outlets as "Comic Books are Burning in Hell", who agreed that Generous Bosom 1 contains one of the most compelling sex scenes ever seen in comics!

Generous Bosom has been adapted into a feature film, directed by Rob Shroeder and written by Conor himself. Ultrasound is currently showing at film festivals globally.

Generous Bosom 1 was printed by offset lithography at Drukarnia Beltrani in Poland.