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Sam's first long-form work, painted in lush and colorful ink washes. It's a wordless tale of a young woman trying to survive an ancient evil in an unknown land. The pacing and storytelling in Haunter is completely masterful. Jeff Smith (Bone) liked it so much that he recently published a short excerpt of the story in the 2013 Best American Comics volume that he edited. About it, he said “Haunter surprised me. It's impossible to start the thing and not keep reading. It really flows.” "Sam Alden is known as a bit of a prodigy with an unnatural knack for the ink brush. In HAUNTER, he uses Hergé-style clear lines delineating crisp compositions awakened by electric watercolors that ripple the paper and buckle your brain cells. It's a psychotropic journey with a Moebius flavor as the talented Alden summits his Holy Mountain with enviable vigor." - Craig Thompson