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A closely-observed, action-packed retelling of the story of Homer's epic The Iliad from master graphic artist Gareth Hinds. Sing to me, O Muse, of the rage of Achilles. A crisis point in the Trojan War - Achilles, hero of the Greeks and leader of the ferocious Myrmidons, smoulders in anger against Agamemnon, the most powerful of the Greek leaders. As long as Achilles refuses to fight, the Greeks are destined to fail, pushed back ever further from the stronghold city of Troy by Hector and Paris' Trojan army. Above the fighting on Mount Olympus, the gods watch on, each allied to a different warrior and each willing to extend the hand of divine intervention to ensure their success. Battle, glory, pride, death and revenge take centre stage in this classic epic retold by Gareth Hinds in his inimitable graphic style.