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Donned in a skin-tight bodysuit and armed with a retractable staff-axe, space soldier Lance Stanton embarks deep into the treacherous wastelands to seek out villainous traitor Philip Freedmon, while facing off against a gang of bedraggled hippie warriors and homicidal robots.

Also available in a Special Limited Edition with a signed and numbered archival print by Benjamin Marra.

“Published straight into obscurity in 1989, Hammac Publications’ hopeful DIY hero Lance Stanton only lasted this single issue, which represents the thwarted ambitions of two suburban Maine dreamers: writer/publisher James MacNaughton III and artist Dave Bamford.

In 2021, Power Comics contacted Bamford and to our amazement, he unearthed the unfinished, never-before-seen pages of Lance Stanton #2 from his garage. These six dialog-less pages depict the epic conflict between Lance and the mega-robot menace from the previous issue’s cliffhanger. The sixth page from issue #2, which is incomplete, marks an exact moment when Bamford quit comics in 1989. A once hopeful dream frozen in time.

31 years later, after we located Bamford, he got the itch again and re-taught himself the craft in order to finally finish the page, which is represented here in this printing.”

–From the introduction by Evan Husney & Gabriel Dikel
(Co-founders, Power Comics)